Our mission is to provide extraordinary landscape lighting services using innovative designs, eco-friendly materials, and unmatched customer support.

What is landscape lighting?

Subtle accenting of your home and landscape to enhance your property.

How many lumens for landscape lighting?

Lumens depicts the output of light from a lamp or a fixture. We choose lamps and fixtures based on what we are illuminating to provide effective accent lighting.

How much does outdoor lighting installation cost?

Each system and design is unique so cost is going to be determined by a combination of style, number and output of the lights.

How does low voltage lighting work?

Low voltage lighting is simply using a transformer to change the current of power from 120v to 12v. The lights we use are powered by 12v and are more efficient and easier to maintain.

What size transformer do I need for low voltage lighting?

The size of the transformer will depend on the number of lights being installed. The bigger the system, the larger the transformer will need to be.

What is the difference between led and low voltage lighting?

Low voltage denotes the voltage being used to provide power for the lights. LED is the style of lamp or fixture that is being used as light output. Our systems are low voltage LED systems.

How many watts for led landscape lighting?

Each lamp or fixture can have different watts and beam spread depending on the desired output of light for its intended use.

Do outdoor lights use a lot of electricity?

LED lighting systems use very little power and are very efficient. LED systems use 80% less power than halogen or mercury vapor systems

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